The End of the Lightbringer

The end of the Lightbringer sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Actually, what really happened was my player killed the Archmage who had essentially become Lucifer. His final goal was to shape the world in his own way. After all, who doesn’t want the earth to turn into hell?

After about 18 months of game, the story ended, and the world was saved. It was fun, and I learned quite a bit, but I am also glad to be moving on.

The story revolved around shaping people’s perception of reality. It didn’t always work as well as I would have liked, and there are still a few threads that I felt we’re completely answered, but it was a good place to end.

One of my favorite memories from this campaign:

The characters found a place in the “spirit world” where a mage had been creating fairy tale universes so that he could change them in subtle ways to manipulate the collective conscious of the western world. The player character went in and changed these things in their own image. One of our characters was a weretiger named Kolya, who with his antics added tigers to many fairy tales and religious books. Don’t you remember Daniel was rescued from the lion’s den by 3 angels, a fox, a wolf, and a particularly large tiger?

Hopefully, my players will add their own favorite memories of the campaign.

Overall, I had a great time running this campaign and trying to do something very different with the changing of reality. It didn’t always work, and I do see myself playing with this theme again in other campaigns.



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