Gencon: Part 3 (Saturday)

Saturday is the busiest day by far at the convention. This day I stepped away from table top rpgs and did a few other things. Walking around the dealer floor was great, and I spent way too much money on things I don’t need, but were awesome! I’ll try to post pictures when I have more time of some of the things I bought for rpgs.

Creating Pulp Adventure
GM(s): Wolfgang Baur, Benjamin McFarland
System: N/A (Seminar)
Thoughts: I’m working on a new long term game for my Thursday night group that I really wanted to have a pulp feel to it. This was a pretty good talk about what makes pulp fun and the differences between pulp and noir. They did touch on some issues with it including racism, sexism and other things that today just wouldn’t fly. Overall, I really liked this talk, and found both men interesting to listen to. Plus it was nice to have something where all I had to do was listen rather than participate.

Missing Magic
GM(s): Kristina Monty, Maris Rence, Caren Linn
System: Courting Murder
Thoughts: I was a little disappointed in this game. It might just have been my character was badly written, but no one had any reason to help me, and I had nothing to give anyone to entice them to do so. There were a few players that made my game fun, but I wasn’t connected to the plots very strongly. There weren’t many mechanics that I could find, but then I wasn’t one of the main characters. I want to try more LARPs next year, but I want something a bit more meaty next time.

The Sable Gauntlet
GM(s): ?
System: True Dungeon
Thoughts: True Dungeon is one part CCG, one part D&D, one part shuffle board and one part escape room. It’s 7 rooms of puzzles or combat. Combat involves sliding pucks over a board and trying to hit large numbers. Puzzle rooms solving a single puzzles in a room that usually involves moving this around and cooperating in some way. The Sable Gauntlet story involved us trying to escape from a tower after being captured. We did escape all 7 rooms only failing one of the combats.

The last puzzle was very much an insight puzzle, but thankfully Jessica had the insight and even got to turn the last key. I had a blast, and we had a good group.


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